Welcome to RutilT webpage!

RutilT is a Gtk+2 utility for Linux that helps you configure your wireless devices. It should play nicely with the "legacy drivers" from the rt2x00 project. I initially intended to support rt2x00 itself, however due to real life constraints, I am no longer doing much development, only maintenance.

RutilTv0.18DownloadBug fix releases. Profiles and options are now recorded more often.25-08-2008
RutilTv0.17DownloadFix some compilation errors with recent gcc releases.28-07-2008
RutilTv0.16DownloadThis version brings new features, improves the existing and fixes a few bug. WARNING : Your previous profiles will not be loaded, have a look at the README.25-11-2007
RutilTv0.15DownloadBug fix release. Also includes a debug mode.30-06-2007
RutilTv0.14DownloadNew content version, it features full support for rt61 and rt73, improve rt2570 support, improve WEP support and a *lot* of fix and minor improvement. Makefile bug fixed.17-04-2007
RutilTv0.13DownloadNew content version. Profiles can now be set through the command line, which can be handy in startup scripts!02-11-2006
RutilTv0.12DownloadBug fix release, if you had trouble changing the TX rate, try this one out!16-08-2006
RutilTv0.11DownloadNew content version. This is a major one! Highlights include : tray icon, stable rt2570 support, improvement for all other devices, configuration options and a few other things!06-08-2006
RutilTv0.10DownloadFix compilation errors with g++-3.3.27-06-2006
RutilTv0.09DownloadThis version comes with many new features : rewritten rt2570 support, multiple WEP keys support, packet statistics, dhcp support, external helper launcher. These are the biggest among the usual small tweaks.25-06-2006
RutilTv0.08DownloadPolish version. Code cleaning, bug fix and various improvement are at the menu!02-04-2006
RutiltTv0.07DownloadNew content version. Featuring privileged mode support, fixed rt2400 support, thanks to Szymon Dziok and many fixes, and improvement.03-03-2006
RutilTv0.06DownloadNew content version. Featuring special support for rt2500 cards and experimental support for rt2400 and rt2570 one ; As well as many bug fixes.01-11-2005
RutilTv0.05DownloadBug fix version, it now compiles with gcc3.3 thanks to Nicolas Favre-Félix.26-08-2005
RutilTv0.04DownloadPolish version. Can be considered as a first beta, but it needs wide testing. It has all features for rt2400 users.25-08-2005
RutilTv0.03DownloadNew content version. Profiles have been implemented. There's many bug fixes and improvments too.11-08-2005
RutilTv0.02DownloadThis a bug fix and code cleaning version. Errors are not printed on stderr anymore and are better handled but it's still incomplete. Static headers checks have also been added.03-08-2005
RutilTv0.01DownloadFirst version. A lot of bugs need to be fix and a lot of feature are missing. But the very basic features are there and "almost functionnal" ;)29-07-2005

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